full wolf moon magic …

‘Wolf Shaman – Midnight Prayer’ painting by Linus Woods, Dakota/Ojibway Indian artist from Manitoba, Canada, found here

Beware the Full Wolf Moon tonight … extra bright & beaming down all night from dusk until dawn … and the Moon is at Perigee {closest to Earth} in two nights {21 Jan 2011} … keep an eye on the tides …!

winter solstice coincidence: long nights moon too …!

winter solstice solargraph noaa

Solargraph, showing the path of the Sun as it crossed the sky from the Autumnal Equinox and dipping low at the Winter Solstice … captured with a pinhole camera in Flagstaff, Arizona, via NOAA & WFO ABQ … & so the Sun begins its rising arc again tomorrow …!

… & Full Long Nights Moon, a.k.a. Cold Moon, the 3rd aspect in a triple whammy of cosmic coincidences for 21 Dec 2010 … aren’t we lucky …!

tom thomson: canoes, dark pines & painted lakes …

On this day in 1917, Tom Thomson was last seen alive at Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, ON …

Much mystery and intrigue continues to surround his untimely death …

Photograph: Tom Thomson at Lake Scugog, T. H. Marten, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON
Painting: Jack Pine by Tom Thomson, 1917, via here

on the horizon: strawberry moon looming large …!

‘Lunar Eclipse’ strawberry red full moon photo via ‘cutting edge astrology for uranian times’

The first lunar eclipse of 2010 occurred in the wee hours of this morning for those lucky skywatchers out on the west coast!

Pacific Canadians were also treated to an eye popping Moon Illusion on the horizon, and will appear so again tonight …! The moon is at its lowest position of the year so this full ‘Strawberry Moon’, as so named by the Algonquin people, appears a rosy red shade as it rises on the horizon …!

We’ll watch the Sun as his chariot rolls
Far down the horizon’s rim. – M L Wyatt