off duty: armchair warrior …!

‘Mini Ninja’, video game {for kids} intro, by Thank You!

Looks like some magical good fun for hibernating folk & all the wee ninjas in training …!


shop news: attention shoppers … NOW open season!

Tinder is back on track … Welcome back folks …!

Happy hunting …

P.S… Re-stocking of Feuerhand Lanterns, Stanley Flasks & new stock {Tide Clocks, etc}, in the works …

Elmer & Bugs, making his debut in ‘A Wild Hare’, 1940

scotland dispatch: a good yarn …

Pringle of Scotland’s ‘Life Behind the Scenes’; witty, quirky short film by Glasgow based artist David Shrigley for the 195 year old esteemed Scottish wool brand … spotted via the archives of the lovely All Things Considered
While leading a nomadic life here in Scotland {temporarily}, this seemed a suitable follow-up to MacAusland’s beautiful blankets, and in particular, this week’s high profile ‘Wool Week’ campaign in Britain, sparked by the ever savvy bonnie Prince Charlie … so, Canada, … where’s our national wool campaign …?
Well, let’s start with the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Ltd, est. 1918, and dig a little … did you know we export 90% of our wool …? So it seems to be a rare commodity … we’re small fry, but we’ve got a niche product … though it’s a bit of a shame we can see, or enjoy, very little of it at home …!