diversions: enigmatic chessmen, twitter & tumblr …

‘Queen’, chess piece of the enigmatic Lewis Chessmen, c.12th C., carved from walrus ivory, likely Norse in origin & found in the dunes of Uig beach, Isle of Lewis, Scotland c.1800s … photo & superb review too, via diggingthedirt

That said, take note North American folks! A substantial hoard of these chessmen will be visiting the Met NY from this fall ’til next spring 2012, ‘the first time such a large ensemble of the chessmen has traveled outside the United Kingdom’, so take advantage if you can!

… A few other diversionary notes … about time we mention Tinder’s Tweets via TinderShop & Tumblr, aka Whiskey Robber {after ‘The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber’} … a bit of this, that & the other, feel free to visit …

scottish whisky weather & bus shelter advertising


‘Bus Shelter’, Ness, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, circa midcentury {which oddly appears more Soviet than Scottish, with its heavy block building and functionally Spartan design} … from the past exhibition ‘Ness Remains’, at An Lanntair in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis {more excerpts here} ; photograph by Angus Mackintosh … aka Tinder’s resident *photographer … & we’re thrilled to bits to reveal that his work {not pictured} has been chosen by the ‘best whisky in the world’ {3 yrs in a row!}, Ardbeg, for a wee spot of advertising {not yet sure if bus shelters will be involved} …slainte!

… & we particularly like this excerpt describing the whys & wherefores of whisky, from here:

To stand in the droves of rain for only a few seconds would mean a complete soaking, there was little or no mercy to be had when you were out in the thick of it. As I watched it all for a brief moment from the shelter of a bus stop I could see so clearly where the desire for a whisky can come from. There was no other thing I wanted to drink upon arrival at shelter … These are the days that put vitality in whisky, one hour of a brooding storm is worth a thousand tons of office concocted marketing bollocks. The same weather that makes whiskies’ existence possible is the same weather that compels its consumption.

*always happy to welcome inquiries at contact@angusmackintosh.com

breaking news: overseas duty … shop in hibernation!


Tinder shop in hibernation for a wee while this winter …! We’ve been called back to archaeology duty in Scotland for Jan & Feb 2011 …

Shipping expected to resume in March, we’ll keep you posted here as promised …!

{Update: we may be able to drop ship small, selected goods from the UK}

And, to while away the winter months, we might do the odd post now & then about our Scottish archaeology adventures … we’ll do our best to keep Tinder News visitors mildly entertained … keep your eyes peeled …

UK visitors Please Note: there’s a chance we may be shipping small, selected Tinder goods to the British Isles … so stay tuned …!

And, we plan to bring back some new Tinder shop goods for 2011 too …

As always, thanks to all you kind folks for visiting Tinder! We know there are a lot of webshops & weblogs out there, so cheers for choosing ours!

{‘Nessie’, the original ‘surgeon’s photographs’ of 1934, via here … and a nice round up of the history of the mystery, in particular, the ‘photographic evidence’, here … and a wee bit more good fun, intriguing reading for a lazy, grey day …!}

shipping news: xmas deadlines … carved in stone …!

17th century Petroglyph European Vessel NS Museum

XMAS Delivery Deadlines:

USA: 07 December
CANADA: 10 December

…via Canada Post Expedited … {our normal service & flat rates as published} …

Countdown to XMAS … T-4 weeks …!

Please inquire for an upgrade to Xpresspost … we’re happy to provide a custom quote & deadlines …

Petroglyph at Kejimkujik depicts c. 17th century European vessel; the earliest photographic record of Mi’kmaq rock art, c. 1946, via Nova Scotia Museum

breaking news: duty calls & notes from the field …

‘Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade’, via filmcritic.com

Greetings kind & patient folks!

Apologies for this terribly overdue update & delay in Tinder shop re-opening … Tinder has taken a back-seat/side-car and is experiencing an unexpected hiatus … vacation morphed into working holiday, as duty calls us to action {labouring as archaeologists, our ‘day jobs’} … we have been chasing the past here in foreign lands {Scotland}, quite literally, as well as hunting fresh goods for our wee shop, for when we return to moonlighting as shopkeepers …!

We very much appreciate your inquiries; we will endeavour to reply to each & everyone of you as soon as possible … though for some odd reason, there are a few folks who’s email addresses are bouncing us back … so please bear with us as we try to sort out this glitch, perhaps caused by our internet ‘rocket stick’ connection …

We’re very grateful for your patience & understanding; we will post our ‘Tinder re-opening date’ as soon we can be certain … at present, it is possible that Tinder could re-open in the next few weeks or so … however, this hiatus could extend a wee bit longer, though we certainly do expect to re-open in time for Christmas …!

We apologize for the delay in shipping out goods … and for those folks not in a rush, we will be shipping as soon as we touchdown in Canada …

For anyone who would like to be contacted by email, either for shop updates, and/or for shop orders, just shoot us a request to: hello@tinder.ca, and/or, contact@logmatic.ca …

We look forward to getting the goods out to you all as soon as possible …!

Many thanks once again for visiting Tinder & Logmatic Canada

Please stay tuned …

total eclipse of the sun 2010: out of sight …!

2009: International Year of Astronomy #9′, by UK artist Simon Page

A rare sight at the best of times, but even more so for a lucky few … this century …! And a very lucky few via this exotic, semi-NASA-led, Tahiti ‘solar eclipse expedition’ …!

North Americans won’t see a thing, we’ll just have to settle for the New Moon tonight …
Partial viewing for South Pacific nations, including the enigmatic Easter Island … a total eclipse of the sun has not been seen there in 1400 years … hence the skyward gaze ‘carved in stone’ …?

Easter Island Moai {statues/idols} photo via here

dog days of summer: sirius rising {‘dog star’}

canis major_modern constellations

Canis Major {the ‘Big Dog’} constellation, featuring Sirius {the ‘Dog Star’, at the ‘dog’s nose’}, the brightest star in the constellation, and in the sky, actually … celestial illustration by the ‘forgotten astronomer’, Elijah Burritt, found via Modern Constellations … you can even get your hands on an extremely rare copy of Geography of the Heavens {sans Star Atlas} …!

Dog Days of Summer begin now … are you ready …? And some compelling comparisons between astronomy and indigenous cosmology discussed here, based on the image below via flickr: an ancient Ojibwe pictograph from Boundary Waters {Quetico-Superior canoe country}, straddling the Canadian-US border, featuring the ‘Dog Star’ …