sunset sky

‘Sunset Sky’, Tom Thomson, 1915

… ‘And thus concludes: ‘Tom Thomson’s Last Spring’ chronicling the last months of my life and death from November 28, 1916 to July 21, 1917’…

… via the enigmatic ghost of ‘Tom Thomson’, aka ‏@TTLastSpring

Bonus …’A thank you letter to my followers and a link to the free ebook version. Please let others know of my story’ : ‘Letter to Followers’

So the sun sets yet again on the {possible} crime of the century, still unsolved … at least for now …

PS: What a weirdly wonderful journey into the past via the digital netherworld!

mysteries from the other side of the rainbow …


‘1916 Rainbow’, Tom Thomson

Enjoying the intriguing Tom Thomson tweets of ‘Last Spring’: aka @TTLastSpring

A tweet-by-tweet guide to the artist’s last spring, leading up to his mysterious 1917 death in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Like the Twitter account recounting the events of the Second World War in real time, the tweets have been carefully constructed based on historical information …’

‘At the heart of the project is Thomson’s mysterious death. He was last seen alive around midday on July 8, 1917. Accident? Suicide? Foul play? And if murder, who was the perpetrator?’

Only 30 days until he meets his mysterious fate …

PS: How oddly fab he tweets & follows back … genius!

happy earth day!

‘Nurture’, illustration by UK artist Adam Ellison {original version}; ‘the importance of reconnecting with nature and our direct responsibility for its preservation’.

Happy Earth Day!

P.S. Tinder’s philosophy is sustainably minded: goods made of sound construction from durable raw materials fit for purpose {& re-purpose: repair, recycle, return to the elements}. Thanks for visiting!