on thin ice: the arctic sea & history

‘Cambria Icefields, BC’; aerial photography by Eamon Mac Mahon

Some ‘ice breaking news’ we may have heard before … but whether ‘climate change’ or ‘solar cycles’ … whether climate warming or cooling, it seems the Arctic sea ice is melting rather quickly …

According to ‘the largest climate change study ever undertaken in Canada, the Arctic sea ice is thinning faster than expected … It was the first time a research vessel had ever remained mobile in open water in the Far North’ …

For the past 100 years, ‘no serving Canadian icebreaker was able to penetrate Canadian Arctic water during the severe winter season from November to May’ …!

Will icebreakers {and sea ice} become ancient history? Open season on the high Arctic seas begins …

Cruising the Northwest Passage … not so long ago, a certain charismatic Scot ventured across the top of Canada, exploring the legendary and ‘mythical sea route’ … {and got a mention in the Scottish Parliament for it … see below}

Billy Connolly journeys to the ‘Edge of the World’: insightful observations, stunning scenery, remote and remarkable folks; aired on TVO not long ago … an ode to Canada, series produced by ITV UK, keep an eye out for re-runs …

One of the last expeditions that attempted passage through Arctic waters 1.5 centuries ago, was much less pleasant … ‘Passage’, based on the compelling book by Ken McGoogan , who brought the story to light …


Anticipating the film release of this fascinating and largely obscured history of Dr John Rae, the Orcadian Scot who scoured the Northwest Passage in search of the truth … and ‘was the first to identify and map the navigable link of the North West Passage’

Dr Rae joined the HBC and became a ‘student’ of the indigenous Cree and the Inuit in particular, who nicknamed him ‘Aglooka’ {he who takes long strides} for his skilled snowshoeing … and the rest is history … it’s been a long time coming …!
{we spent a year in Orkney, many moons ago, where we were introduced to this extraordinary story and unsung hero}

A wee tune to set the mood …


winter survival: ice fishing, shacks & the TSG

‘Ice Fishing Shacks’, photography by Scott Peterman, Maine, USA, found via here and featured in ‘Maine’ magazine

Shelter from the elements and a wee nip for inner warmth {Stanley Flask … in the shop!}

‘Ice Fishing in Gimli’ , the curious new 7-book, 8-volume epic & exhibition, by Rob Kovitz {Winnipeg}; a few interesting posts about the novel and subject matter found at on site review

Ice fishing on frozen lakes & camping under the stars with the TSG this weekend … don’t forget your snow goggles …! {ice fishing Inuit photo, via the CMC}