shop news: deep woods …

‘Deep Woods’ inspired goods in the {new} shop!

Handmade ‘Pine Pitch Wilderness Remedy’ by Damn Yak & Limited Edition ‘Balsam Fir’ Field Notes!

Get your woodsy goods in the shop!


darkening days & golden sunsets

‘Yellow Sunset’, c1916, Tom Thomson {via}

‘…in lustreless November
enter the year’s night…’

‘what the small day cannot hold
must spill into eternity.’

… excerpts from ‘All Souls’ Day’, poem by Frances Bellerby, via the Guardian’s Poem of the week

shop news: sneak peek … damn yak dry goods co.

Wildcrafted Wilderness Remedy & handcrafted Canvas Camping Cup; quality goods from Canadian multi-talented merchant-maker & outdoorsman Damn Yak Dry Goods Co … Coming to Tinder very soon, stay tuned …!

Canadian Air & Space Museum: original site of aerospace history & iconic Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow

Please visit the Canadian Air & Space Museum to learn more & help save the iconic Avro Arrow & the nationally significant historic museum site from unwarranted demolition.

Let’s not forget, cheers.

UPDATE! New Online Petition to help save CASM and Canadian aviation history!

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