shop news: attention shoppers … sale ends ‘leap day’!

Tinder’s Midwinter Sale ends on Leap Day … aka tomorrow …!

A bonus sale day for our kind visitors, cheers!

‘Polar Bear Leaping’ via National Geographic’s Arctic Climate Change Photo Gallery

shop news: midwinter sale further markdowns …

Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer: very nice new Midwinter Sale price $129.95 {down from $159} …!

Further markdowns in the shop … up to 50% off … from now to Leap Day … 29 Feb!

shop news: midwinter sale continues …

Midwinter sale continues in the {new & improved!} shop … Out with the old, in with the new {some sneak peeks soon} …!

Lovely ‘wintery’ stuff ON SALE, including limited edition handcrafted Red Hotties & Red Blooded goodies for your Valentine …!

+ Just a few limited edition ‘icy white’ Northerlies Field Notes in the shop {sold out at FN HQ!} … Perfect for those spicy Chili recipes, recording ingenious Inuit words for ‘snow’, snowmobile routes, shinny schedules, ice fishing spots, not to mention all those resolutions, broken or otherwise …!

‘Indian Trapper on Snowshoes’, by Canadian painter Cornelius Krieghoff c1849, via AGO

shop news: temporary ship/shop operations {v} …!

These Tinder goods, and any others not yet pictured, will have a delayed dispatch date with options of your choice:
1. Orders can be ‘Wait-Listed’ {we reserve your order until you’re ready to buy/we’re able to ship} …
2. Orders can be ‘Pre-Ordered’ {we process your order now for priority shipping as soon as we’re able to} …

Just give us a shout for info!

… These goods are not currently available from Tinder to/from the UK … but maybe someday soon!

… Ship/shop updates will be posted here in the coming weeks …

Thanks so much for visiting, folks …!

shop news: wee winter ‘secret sale’ ends soon …!

snowfall mark schretlen




Collectible *Stanley Lt Ed Thermos, best quality German made Hottie & quirky *Name a Star tin kits … just a few of our ‘secret sale’ goods that promise to keep you warm & snug as the frosty nights draw in … steaming hot cuppa joe & toasty toes, for stargazing in the snow … are you ready for Old Man Winter …?

Wee winter ‘secret sale’ ends Sunday night, 19 Dec …!

{*5% of profits go to the Canadian Air & Space Museum + the CNIB, thank you!}

‘Old Man Winter’ photograph by Mark Schretlen {click on photo for a beautiful big view!}

shop news: recent sighting … a tiny ‘secret sale’ …!

Sasquatch {‘Sesquac’, from the Salish legends of the Pacific Northwest}, a.k.a. Bigfoot; Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film, 1967

For all the kind folks who come sightseeing here often … Tinder is having a tiny ‘secret sale’ … now afoot in the shop

Logmatic Splitting Baskets, Stanley Lt Ed Bottles, Fashy Hotties, Name a Star … to name a few …!

Thanks for visiting Tinder!