o canada: a nation of nations

‘Metis Nation Flag’, ‘… the oldest Canadian patriotic flag indigenous to Canada, first used by Metis fighters in 1816. As a symbol of nationhood, the Metis flag predates Canada’s Maple Leaf flag by about 150 years …’

More info about the fascinating Metis Nation flag from the Canadian Design Resource

O Canada! {as sung by William Shatner, via the NFB … enjoy!}

groundhog day: shadowboxing the soul of spacetime

‘Groundhog Day’ film poster by US artist Brandon Shaefer {note the accidentally appropriate quirk: the ‘repeating’ mistake in the date; should be ‘2’, not ’12’ of Feb} … found here

‘Groundhog Day’ the film, via wiki:
‘[11] Ebert acknowledged in his “Great Movies” essay that, like many viewers, he had initially underestimated the film’s many virtues and only came to truly appreciate it through repeated viewings’ …!
‘[12] In 2009, the American literary theorist and legal scholar Stanley Fish named the film as among the ten best American films ever ‘ …!
‘[2] In 2006, the film was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”‘ …!
‘[16] “The spiritual power of repetitive form: Steps toward transcendence in Groundhog Day.” Suzanne Daughton, Critical Studies in Mass Communication. Annandale: Jun 1996. Vol. 13, Iss. 2; pg. 138, 17 pgs’ …!

… A wee peek into the peculiar evolution of ‘Groundhog Day‘… from ancient calendrics {Candelmas, Imbolc} to modern meteorology {La Nina/El Nino} to spiritual transcendence {Buddhism} … whew!

welcome 2011: new dawn, new paradigm …

‘Polar Bear & Cub’, by Niviaksiak, 1959, and a poignant piece about the artist & his art, via Waddington’s …

‘Untitled Chant’: [haiku url=”http://download940.mediafire.com/vjndi1o3l0ug/odkjzjufznz/Untitled+Chant.mp3″ title=”” graphical=”true”]

From the 1974 film {& based on the book by James Houston}, ‘The White Dawn‘, an Arctic tale, featuring the actors/singers, Akshooyooliak {‘Medicine Lady’} & Lou Gossett …

… Found, including fascinating wee backstory to this beautiful, obscure song, via Corduroy Mountain …’Her song simmers with a spectrum of emotions: sadness, hope, desperation, and resolve.’ …

Also, a clue from this extract from the comment by levinsky9, via the NYT review of said movie:

‘Henry Mancini’s music, based on the song created by an Inuit woman who made it up on request …’

Curious to know what Medicine Lady is singing about … could it be a foretelling, a lamenting … ‘warmest year on record‘ … observations from visiting photographer Ron Wassink in Iqaluit, ‘no one has a memory of the bay as we see it today’ … ‘there is no ice on Frobisher Bay’

… Could it be the Gulf Stream has veered northwest, leaving Britain in a rather more Labradorian / ‘White Dawn’ deep freeze these past few winters …?

… Now there is talk of a ‘polar bear refuge‘ …

… Whatever the reason, it’s unnerving & not ‘in season’, that on this day, 01 January 2011, in Toronto, Canada, it’s a soggy, grey +10C …!