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{Inuit Arctic Tea, wildcrafted & traditional}


shop news: sneak peek … damn yak dry goods co.

Wildcrafted Wilderness Remedy & handcrafted Canvas Camping Cup; quality goods from Canadian multi-talented merchant-maker & outdoorsman Damn Yak Dry Goods Co … Coming to Tinder very soon, stay tuned …!

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shop news: inuit wildcrafted tea … flora borealis

arctic flowers 1959-62 Cowley avataq

inuit tea harvest avataq

inuit tea via kanata

Arctic wildflowers, Inuit tea harvest, & Inuit wildcrafted teas; all photographs via Avataq Cultural Institute

*Teas, front to back: Labrador Tea, Crowberry, Arctic Tea, Juniper, Cloudberry …

Cloudberries, just one berry per plant, and so costly that they can trigger wars among the usually calm Scandinavians: cloudberries are “so valued in northern Scandinavia where Finland, Sweden, and Norway meet; the cloudberry has long been the cause of “cloudberry wars”. These otherwise peace-loving countries have been known to become quite territorial when it comes time to harvest this berry, causing the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to develop a special section just for cloudberry diplomacy.”

{Alan Davidson. 1999. The Oxford Companion to Food. Oxford: Oxford University Press}

Cloudberries, Crowberries … evocative, Arctic botanical infusions … in the shop … winter hibernation preparations underway …!

*All profits are given to Avataq Cultural Institute, a non profit charitable organization that protects & promotes the language & culture of Nunavik Inuit

shop news: sneak peek … inuit wildcrafted tea

inuit tea

Cloudberry tea, anyone …?

Wildcrafted traditional tundra teas … Coming soon …!

‘Inuit tea time’ archive photo via Avataq Cultural Institute