mysteries from the other side of the rainbow …


‘1916 Rainbow’, Tom Thomson

Enjoying the intriguing Tom Thomson tweets of ‘Last Spring’: aka @TTLastSpring

A tweet-by-tweet guide to the artist’s last spring, leading up to his mysterious 1917 death in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Like the Twitter account recounting the events of the Second World War in real time, the tweets have been carefully constructed based on historical information …’

‘At the heart of the project is Thomson’s mysterious death. He was last seen alive around midday on July 8, 1917. Accident? Suicide? Foul play? And if murder, who was the perpetrator?’

Only 30 days until he meets his mysterious fate …

PS: How oddly fab he tweets & follows back … genius!

winter solstice: ancient timekeeper for darkest day

Useful medieval gadget for calculating the winter solstice, dated 1396; ‘Brought to Light Having Spent Over 20 Years in a Shed in Queensland, Australia’… Went to auction last week, ‘Extraordinarily Rare 14th Century Time-Telling Instrument, Marked with Badge of Richard II, to Sell at Bonhams’… actually, no deal on the rare 14thC timepiece, so save your pennies for next time …!

Astrolabe quadrants are amongst the most sophisticated instruments ever made before the invention of the modern computer. They combine the mathematical and astronomical features of an astrolabe with a much smaller size.

Found at Sydney Morning Herald via here

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The de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver is considered by aviation historians to be the classic Canadian bush plane, “the airplane that opened the North,”. “To this day, many of these legendary planes can still be seen in remote skies around the world,”. The Canadian Engineering Centennial Board named the DHC-2 one of the Top 10 Canadian engineering achievements of the 20th century. In all, 1,657 Beavers were built by the time de Havilland ended production in 1967 — a record for a plane manufactured in Canada. Please visit and support this original historic site, the de Havilland Canadian Air & Space Museum, before it’s too late!

Photo and intriguing article via CBC: A de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, most likely the original CF-FHB, on skis in the snow of Ootsa Lake, B.C., in the winter of 1951-52. The three men on the left are unidentified. The fourth man on the right is Frederic Rowland. (Rowland family photo)

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canada’s great loss looming: lest we forget …

Then, and now.
Photo, above: Completion of 1,000th de Havilland Mosquito aircraft at Downsview hangar, Toronto, via an interesting article just prior to recent eviction, ie, ‘aerospace campus’ …

Photo, below: Philip Gray, WWII veteran RAF Lancaster pilot in front of FM104 at CASM Remembrance Day ceremony 11.11.11, at de Havilland hangar, Toronto, via

See more about Retired Flt.Lt. Philip Gray here

To pay your respects to the folks who built Canada’s incredible air & space legacy before it’s lost, please visit here & here

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