mysteries from the other side of the rainbow …


‘1916 Rainbow’, Tom Thomson

Enjoying the intriguing Tom Thomson tweets of ‘Last Spring’: aka @TTLastSpring

A tweet-by-tweet guide to the artist’s last spring, leading up to his mysterious 1917 death in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Like the Twitter account recounting the events of the Second World War in real time, the tweets have been carefully constructed based on historical information …’

‘At the heart of the project is Thomson’s mysterious death. He was last seen alive around midday on July 8, 1917. Accident? Suicide? Foul play? And if murder, who was the perpetrator?’

Only 30 days until he meets his mysterious fate …

PS: How oddly fab he tweets & follows back … genius!


breaking news: overseas duty … shop in hibernation!


Tinder shop in hibernation for a wee while this winter …! We’ve been called back to archaeology duty in Scotland for Jan & Feb 2011 …

Shipping expected to resume in March, we’ll keep you posted here as promised …!

{Update: we may be able to drop ship small, selected goods from the UK}

And, to while away the winter months, we might do the odd post now & then about our Scottish archaeology adventures … we’ll do our best to keep Tinder News visitors mildly entertained … keep your eyes peeled …

UK visitors Please Note: there’s a chance we may be shipping small, selected Tinder goods to the British Isles … so stay tuned …!

And, we plan to bring back some new Tinder shop goods for 2011 too …

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{‘Nessie’, the original ‘surgeon’s photographs’ of 1934, via here … and a nice round up of the history of the mystery, in particular, the ‘photographic evidence’, here … and a wee bit more good fun, intriguing reading for a lazy, grey day …!}

shop news: recent sighting … a tiny ‘secret sale’ …!

Sasquatch {‘Sesquac’, from the Salish legends of the Pacific Northwest}, a.k.a. Bigfoot; Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film, 1967

For all the kind folks who come sightseeing here often … Tinder is having a tiny ‘secret sale’ … now afoot in the shop

Logmatic Splitting Baskets, Stanley Lt Ed Bottles, Fashy Hotties, Name a Star … to name a few …!

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tom thomson: canoes, dark pines & painted lakes …

On this day in 1917, Tom Thomson was last seen alive at Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, ON …

Much mystery and intrigue continues to surround his untimely death …

Photograph: Tom Thomson at Lake Scugog, T. H. Marten, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON
Painting: Jack Pine by Tom Thomson, 1917, via here