groundhog day: o winter, where art thou?

‘The Falling Star’, by James Hamilton Hay, 1909, found via Crashingly Beautiful

For most of Canada, winter as we know/knew it has been cancelled, or at best is a half-hearted, wishy-washy impersonation of winter … early Spring indeed, so say Wiarton Willie & Shubenacadie Sam …!

Fact: Meteorologists say typical signs of winter have been wiped out by an “arctic oscillation,” a phenomenon that’s seen the constantly moving jet stream remain relatively stationary and keep winter conditions at bay …


lunar new year 2012: year of the dragon

The ‘Scar Dragon Plaque’, made of whalebone and probably used for weaving/smoothing linen, was discovered in the fantastic 9thC Viking boat burial on the Orkney Isles, Scotland, 1991

Happy Year of the {Water} Dragon, smooth sailing, folks!

diversions: enigmatic chessmen, twitter & tumblr …

‘Queen’, chess piece of the enigmatic Lewis Chessmen, c.12th C., carved from walrus ivory, likely Norse in origin & found in the dunes of Uig beach, Isle of Lewis, Scotland c.1800s … photo & superb review too, via diggingthedirt

That said, take note North American folks! A substantial hoard of these chessmen will be visiting the Met NY from this fall ’til next spring 2012, ‘the first time such a large ensemble of the chessmen has traveled outside the United Kingdom’, so take advantage if you can!

… A few other diversionary notes … about time we mention Tinder’s Tweets via TinderShop & Tumblr, aka Whiskey Robber {after ‘The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber’} … a bit of this, that & the other, feel free to visit …