shop news: sneak peek … damn yak dry goods co.

Wildcrafted Wilderness Remedy & handcrafted Canvas Camping Cup; quality goods from Canadian multi-talented merchant-maker & outdoorsman Damn Yak Dry Goods Co … Coming to Tinder very soon, stay tuned …!


shop news: sneak peek … modern tide clocks

At long last … refreshingly simple, modern design Time & Tide clocks …! No-fuss nautical function and form. Stainless steel powder coated white … Made in Cornwall, England …

For sailing, surfing, swimming, canoeing, beachcombing … mariners, seafarers, salty dogs and water loving folks of all stripes …!

Coasting into the shop in due course …

Tide Clock {top}
Time & Tide Clock {bottom}

‘Time and tide wait for no man’ …