shipping news: xmas orders deadline 07 Dec …!

Inuit dogsled

XMAS Orders Deadline: 07 December!

{for both CANADA + USA}

… via Canada Post Expedited {our normal service as published} …

Orders after 07 December will be shipped later in December …

PS: lots of lovely stuff still in the shop! Thanks for another busy year, sorry so much sold out!

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shipping news: xmas orders deadline 04 Dec …!

Inuit Modern book

XMAS Delivery Deadline: 04 December!

{for both CANADA + USA}

… via Canada Post Expedited {our normal service & ‘special’ flat rates as published} …

Orders after 04 December will be shipped later in December … XMAS orders deadline is a wee bit early this year … so hurry in to shop!

PS: apologies some stock is low/sold out, we’ve been extra busy this year!

{image from the book Inuit Modern}

shipping news: xmas xpress delivery date 21 DEC!

The de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver is considered by aviation historians to be the classic Canadian bush plane, “the airplane that opened the North,”. “To this day, many of these legendary planes can still be seen in remote skies around the world,”. The Canadian Engineering Centennial Board named the DHC-2 one of the Top 10 Canadian engineering achievements of the 20th century. In all, 1,657 Beavers were built by the time de Havilland ended production in 1967 — a record for a plane manufactured in Canada. Please visit and support this original historic site, the de Havilland Canadian Air & Space Museum, before it’s too late!

Photo and intriguing article via CBC: A de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, most likely the original CF-FHB, on skis in the snow of Ootsa Lake, B.C., in the winter of 1951-52. The three men on the left are unidentified. The fourth man on the right is Frederic Rowland. (Rowland family photo)

*21 DEC: Tinder’s last shipping date for Xmas, in Canada, via Xpresspost {a new option via our upgraded webshop}! Orders must be in by 12 noon!*

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shipping news: canada post …

‘Three Pence Beaver’, Canada’s first postage stamp, designed by Sir Sanford Fleming, 1851, via Canadian Design Resource

The whole scoop from the site here:

The Three Pence Beaver is generally considered to be Canada’s first postage stamp. In fact, it was commissioned more than fifteen years prior to confederation, when Great Britain turned over responsibility for postal services to British North America. Eager to symbolize this growing independence, the Province of Canada issued the Three Pence Beaver just two months after assuming control of the post.* The stamp was a bold departure indeed, dispensing with the traditional depiction of the queen and instead featuring a large rodent.

Sir Sanford Fleming, the prominent civil engineer and designer (expect to see his name in future posts), selected the beaver for its industriousness as well as its historical role in the Canadian fur trade.* Fleming’s design was one of the world’s first stamps to portray wilderness pictorially, beginning a tradition carried out in much of Canada’s symbolic imagery. Of course, the beaver itself remains one of the countries most prominent symbols, second only to the maple leaf.

It’s also interesting to note that these early designs lacked the perforations that we’ve come to associate with postage stamps. Post Masters would have cut these out by hand and you can see evidence of a sloppy cut in this image.

-Michael Erdmann

*Amyot, Chantal, Biance Gendreau and John Willis. Special Delivery, Canada’s Postal Heritage. (Hull: Canadian Museum of Civilization – Goose Lane Press, 2000)

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‘Quiet’, by Emily Carr, 1942, found via here

Apologies kind folks, for it’s been awfully quiet around here at Tinder these past few weeks …!

The Tinder website is being migrated to a new platform, and is taking much longer than expected to iron out kinks, hence the delay in shop news, order processing & shipping, etc …

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shop news: temporary ship/shop operations {v} …!

These Tinder goods, and any others not yet pictured, will have a delayed dispatch date with options of your choice:
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shop news: temporary ship/shop operations {iv} …!

System Logmatic Wedge Axe & Splitting Basket available for ‘Special Order/Drop Ship’, for Canada only at this time … Canadian postal rates remain as published during our temporary overseas operations …!

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