shop news: yard sale!

sheila maid

Sheila Maid

pixie boots

Pixie Boots

Cheshire Cat Canvas Tote

Yard Sale! A few items from the sale … including the fabulous ‘Sheila Maid’ from Nutscene UK … stop by + check it out!

shop news: busy bees at work …!

Busy bees at work here at Tinder …!

{&, we’re hoping the hardy honeybees of Newfoundland enjoy a lovely spring & summer; photos via Tinder’s superb *Wildflower Honey suppliers in Newfoundland!}

*5% of profits from this purchase are donated to the ‘Save Our Bees’ campaign of the Canadian Honey Council!

perigee moon & perigean spring tide

‘Moon above the Sea at Daimotsu Bay – Benkei’, original Japanese woodblock print by Yoshitoshi, 1886, from ‘One Hundred Aspects of the Moon‘ … ‘a powerful portrayal of Benkei quelling a storm’ … found here

Aspects of tonight’s unusual full ‘moon illusion’: the rare size & beauty of this ‘perigee moon’ … with very high ‘perigean tides’ in tow, so beware …

boreal spring: meltwater & aurora

1. ‘Mountains & Lake’, Lawren Harris, c1929, via
2. ‘Northern Lights’, Tom Thomson, c1917, via
3. ‘Northern Lights’, Tom Thomson, c1916, via
4. ‘Icebergs & Mountains, Greenland’, Lawren Harris, c1932, via

‘… to this long twilight, we must also add the Aurora Borealis, casting a light equal to that of the full moon, which appears in clear nights, at the beginning of the new moon, in the northern regions … and which sometimes even darts its rays far towards the South …’

… an excerpt from ‘The Poles are the most enlightened parts of the World’; XCIV, The Gentleman’s magazine, Vol 40, 1770, via University of Michigan