total eclipse of the sun 2010: out of sight …!

2009: International Year of Astronomy #9′, by UK artist Simon Page

A rare sight at the best of times, but even more so for a lucky few … this century …! And a very lucky few via this exotic, semi-NASA-led, Tahiti ‘solar eclipse expedition’ …!

North Americans won’t see a thing, we’ll just have to settle for the New Moon tonight …
Partial viewing for South Pacific nations, including the enigmatic Easter Island … a total eclipse of the sun has not been seen there in 1400 years … hence the skyward gaze ‘carved in stone’ …?

Easter Island Moai {statues/idols} photo via here


dog days of summer: sirius rising {‘dog star’}

canis major_modern constellations

Canis Major {the ‘Big Dog’} constellation, featuring Sirius {the ‘Dog Star’, at the ‘dog’s nose’}, the brightest star in the constellation, and in the sky, actually … celestial illustration by the ‘forgotten astronomer’, Elijah Burritt, found via Modern Constellations … you can even get your hands on an extremely rare copy of Geography of the Heavens {sans Star Atlas} …!

Dog Days of Summer begin now … are you ready …? And some compelling comparisons between astronomy and indigenous cosmology discussed here, based on the image below via flickr: an ancient Ojibwe pictograph from Boundary Waters {Quetico-Superior canoe country}, straddling the Canadian-US border, featuring the ‘Dog Star’ …