shop news: clean slate

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Pic above: Sneak peek of some lovely new soap {made in Canada} … coming soon.

A belated Happy New Year to all, and thanks for your patience!

We’re working quiety behind the scenes on the new shop, still a work in progress, but we’ll keep you posted here as always.

Thanks for checking in, watch this space …

shop news: sneak peek … bushcraft basics

Sneak peek of new things soon winging their way to us from Arctic Scandinavia:

Sami Kuska: traditional handcrafted Arctic birch burl camping cup with reindeer leather lanyard, made by Sami craftsmen in Finland

Firestriker: weather-proof 12000+ steel striker with curly birchwood handle & reindeer leather lanyard, made by Sami craftsmen in Sweden

Stay tuned for superb new KUPILKA too, designed by Finnish eco-innovative architect Heikki Koivurova …!

shop news: midwinter sale further markdowns …

Sheila Maid Ceiling Airer: very nice new Midwinter Sale price $129.95 {down from $159} …!

Further markdowns in the shop … up to 50% off … from now to Leap Day … 29 Feb!