shop news: kupilka eco camp & picnic ware …!

Fresh from Finland, KUPILKA, new eco-fabulous wares! Perfect for camping, picnicking, cottaging, hiking, etc …! We’re pleased to be the first in Canada to introduce these superb eco-functional items, now in the shop! {Classic & Shot Cups, & Cutlery Set}

KUPILKA indoor/outdoor adventure wares, made in Finland from Natural Fiber Composites biomaterial; 50% pine fiber {wood} and 50% thermoplastic {BPA-free}, developed by Puugia, the Centre for Wood Technology in Joensuu. Designed by Finnish eco-innovative architect Heikki Koivurova.

Launched in 2001 with the Classic Cup, KUPILKA means “little cup”. The word KUPILKA stems from the Finnish word for cup which is “Kuppi”. It also refers to a traditional term used by Finnish people, when folks warmed their hands with their “Kuppilka” or “little cup” by drinking hot beverages during the harsh Finnish winter.

KUPILKA products are recyclable. At the end of its life-span the product can be ground and cast again into new products, or, burned in a campfire! All KUPILKA packages & labels are made from recycled cardboard. The leather strap of KUPILKA are made from local Reindeer hide.

Natural Fiber Composites are lightweight, have a better thermal endurance and a higher durability than regular plastic. This material doesn’t require maintenance, doesn’t “absorb” smells and is insensitive to humidity as compared to regular wood. All KUPILKA products are dishwasher safe, and also suitable for engraving as gifts.

shop news: sneak peek … damn yak dry goods co.

Wildcrafted Wilderness Remedy & handcrafted Canvas Camping Cup; quality goods from Canadian multi-talented merchant-maker & outdoorsman Damn Yak Dry Goods Co … Coming to Tinder very soon, stay tuned …!

armchair explorer: atlas of remote islands …

‘Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot on and Never Will’, by Judith Schalansky, 2010 … Lovely, imaginative, original wee atlas … Discovered here & here … with links to great reviews there with pics and another there

“There is no more poetic book than an atlas,” Schalansky writes, and her book makes a magnificent case for the atlas to be recognised as literature, worthy of its original name – theatrum orbis terrarum, “the theatre of the world”.

… and, Nat Geo’s review … and, last but not least, one very lucky guy who actually has set foot on a good few of these faraway lands …!

Islands evocatively named Lonely, Deception, Possession, Rudolph, Christmas, Easter, Pagan, Robinson Crusoe, & many more exotic names that translate to Disappointment, Danger, Cloudy, & Passion, etc …

Dare to explore the far corners of the world without ever leaving the comfort of your chair …!

scotland dispatch: a good yarn …

Pringle of Scotland’s ‘Life Behind the Scenes’; witty, quirky short film by Glasgow based artist David Shrigley for the 195 year old esteemed Scottish wool brand … spotted via the archives of the lovely All Things Considered
While leading a nomadic life here in Scotland {temporarily}, this seemed a suitable follow-up to MacAusland’s beautiful blankets, and in particular, this week’s high profile ‘Wool Week’ campaign in Britain, sparked by the ever savvy bonnie Prince Charlie … so, Canada, … where’s our national wool campaign …?
Well, let’s start with the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Ltd, est. 1918, and dig a little … did you know we export 90% of our wool …? So it seems to be a rare commodity … we’re small fry, but we’ve got a niche product … though it’s a bit of a shame we can see, or enjoy, very little of it at home …!

scotland dispatch: woolly canadian becomes toast …

MacAusland’s Blanket, via Toast, UK

Lovely to see this beautiful traditional Canadian blanket front & centre at the fab British shop Toast …! MacAusland’s famed raw wool blankets {here, here & here, etc} have been coveted by Tinder since forever … Toast is renowned for featuring local British woolens, so quite something to see a Canadian heritage brand included in their usual Welsh mix … and no better place than the ever inspiring Toast to debut across the pond … very becoming indeed …!

breaking news: duty calls & notes from the field …

‘Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade’, via

Greetings kind & patient folks!

Apologies for this terribly overdue update & delay in Tinder shop re-opening … Tinder has taken a back-seat/side-car and is experiencing an unexpected hiatus … vacation morphed into working holiday, as duty calls us to action {labouring as archaeologists, our ‘day jobs’} … we have been chasing the past here in foreign lands {Scotland}, quite literally, as well as hunting fresh goods for our wee shop, for when we return to moonlighting as shopkeepers …!

We very much appreciate your inquiries; we will endeavour to reply to each & everyone of you as soon as possible … though for some odd reason, there are a few folks who’s email addresses are bouncing us back … so please bear with us as we try to sort out this glitch, perhaps caused by our internet ‘rocket stick’ connection …

We’re very grateful for your patience & understanding; we will post our ‘Tinder re-opening date’ as soon we can be certain … at present, it is possible that Tinder could re-open in the next few weeks or so … however, this hiatus could extend a wee bit longer, though we certainly do expect to re-open in time for Christmas …!

We apologize for the delay in shipping out goods … and for those folks not in a rush, we will be shipping as soon as we touchdown in Canada …

For anyone who would like to be contacted by email, either for shop updates, and/or for shop orders, just shoot us a request to:, and/or, …

We look forward to getting the goods out to you all as soon as possible …!

Many thanks once again for visiting Tinder & Logmatic Canada

Please stay tuned …

scottish holiday {iii}: the lodge {the ‘earl’s estate’}

Cruggleton Lodge, in the deep southwest of Scotland by the Irish sea {near ancient Whithorn, in Galloway}, set on a secluded, cliff-top organic dairy farm, with Belfast sink, Aga & wood-burning stove for wild & chilly Scottish nights by the sea … keep an eye out for the Wicker Man …!

scottish holiday {ii}: the highland croft {‘callakille’}

Callakille, a traditional highland croft in the remote northwest corner of Scotland known as ‘a Chomraich’, which means ‘the Sanctuary’ in Scottish Gaelic … dramatic, scenic wilderness of the coastal highlands with stunning views across to the Isle of Skye … wild & woolly rugs, snug feather duvets, a warm fire & whisky galore, for whale watching & stargazing with the ‘local heroes’