shop news: attention shoppers … sale ends ‘leap day’!

Tinder’s Midwinter Sale ends on Leap Day … aka tomorrow …!

A bonus sale day for our kind visitors, cheers!

‘Polar Bear Leaping’ via National Geographic’s Arctic Climate Change Photo Gallery

groundhog day: o winter, where art thou?

‘The Falling Star’, by James Hamilton Hay, 1909, found via Crashingly Beautiful

For most of Canada, winter as we know/knew it has been cancelled, or at best is a half-hearted, wishy-washy impersonation of winter … early Spring indeed, so say Wiarton Willie & Shubenacadie Sam …!

Fact: Meteorologists say typical signs of winter have been wiped out by an “arctic oscillation,” a phenomenon that’s seen the constantly moving jet stream remain relatively stationary and keep winter conditions at bay …

shop news: midwinter sale continues …

Midwinter sale continues in the {new & improved!} shop … Out with the old, in with the new {some sneak peeks soon} …!

Lovely ‘wintery’ stuff ON SALE, including limited edition handcrafted Red Hotties & Red Blooded goodies for your Valentine …!

+ Just a few limited edition ‘icy white’ Northerlies Field Notes in the shop {sold out at FN HQ!} … Perfect for those spicy Chili recipes, recording ingenious Inuit words for ‘snow’, snowmobile routes, shinny schedules, ice fishing spots, not to mention all those resolutions, broken or otherwise …!

‘Indian Trapper on Snowshoes’, by Canadian painter Cornelius Krieghoff c1849, via AGO

the long twilight of winter’s wane

‘… a very great refraction is made under the poles, and consequently a long twilight, or, in other words, a light of long continuance …’

… an excerpt from ‘The Poles are the most enlightened parts of the World’; XCIV, The Gentleman’s magazine, Vol 40, 1770, via University of Michigan

1. ‘Icebergs, Davis Strait’, Lawren Harris, c1930, via Heffel
2. ‘Russian Winter’, Nikolai Timkov, c1969, via Leningrad Artists
3. ‘Reindeer in Narjan Mar’, Ravdna Eira, via Arctic Council
4. ‘North Shore, Baffin Island’, Lawren Harris, c1930, via NGC
5. ‘Caribou’ Niviaksiak, via NGC