shop news: sneak peek … bushcraft basics

Sneak peek of new things soon winging their way to us from Arctic Scandinavia:

Sami Kuska: traditional handcrafted Arctic birch burl camping cup with reindeer leather lanyard, made by Sami craftsmen in Finland

Firestriker: weather-proof 12000+ steel striker with curly birchwood handle & reindeer leather lanyard, made by Sami craftsmen in Sweden

Stay tuned for superb new KUPILKA too, designed by Finnish eco-innovative architect Heikki Koivurova …!

shop news: sneak peek … damn yak dry goods co.

Wildcrafted Wilderness Remedy & handcrafted Canvas Camping Cup; quality goods from Canadian multi-talented merchant-maker & outdoorsman Damn Yak Dry Goods Co … Coming to Tinder very soon, stay tuned …!

forest of ancients: thick as thieves …

Sherwood Forest, ‘continuously forested since the end of the Ice Age’ … ancient, enchanting & beloved hideaway of a certain legendary medieval thief & his gang of outlaws …

A venerable forest, now but a fragment of the original vast ‘wildwood’ … remarkable relics remain scattered amongst the silver birch {‘Birklands’}, the last refuge of ‘more than a thousand ancient oaks most of which are known to be more than five hundred years old’ …

Within the very heart of Sherwood Forest still resides the majestic ‘Major Oak’, aka ‘the Queen’ {long before it was re-nicknamed in the 18th c.} … & thought to be ‘as old as the English language’, about 800–1000 years …!

“Under the greenwood tree
Who loves to lie with me
And tune his merry note
Unto the sweet bird’s throat
Come hither, come hither, come hither
Here shall he see no enemy
But winter and rough weather.”

– William Shakespeare: Under the Greenwood Tree

Via John Palmer etcetera

Photos …
Top: ‘Forest Snow, Sherwood’ via DaveKav’s flickr
Middle: ‘Sherwood Forest Oaks’ via Nottinghamshire History
Bottom: ‘Oak, Sherwood Forest’ via Noel Kingsley’s blog

shop news: temporary ship/shop operations {ii} …!

Tinder’s small selection of goods currently available for shopping/shipping during our temporary overseas operations …!

… These goods are now available in the UK! {shipping via Royal Mail – just shoot us an email for rates!}

… And, these goods are now shipping to Canada & the USA too! {via the UK; Canadian postal rates remain as published; USA custom postal rates apply – just shoot us an email!}

… Next up … Tide Clocks, Star Kits, etc … watch this space …!

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